Electric Motor Repair

 Norris Septic can rebuild or replace any types of aeration motors and dosing pumps for your septic treatment system at a competitive rate. Coate aeration, Jet aeration, Old Ham, Multi-flow, mound systems, etc. 

Sump Pump

 Norris Septic only uses Zoeller sump pumps. They have proven, many times over, to work better and longer than other brands. 

Drain and line Cleaning


Norris Septic Repair services outside your foundation.  We service the main line from your foundation to the tank, drain lines, leach lines, clay tile, down spouts, all lines; we specialize in underground work. We power-jet leach fields for rejuvenation. ** Upfront pricing (a written proposal will be signed before work is done.) Know what you are going to pay before the work is done. All work guaranteed.


Septic inspections

When buying a home, ALWAYS get your own inspection by a licensed septic professional!


Septic conversions

Depending on your county, we can convert your anaerobic (standard/no motor) septic system into an aerobic (air) treatment system. We can also convert your old style cavitette system into a modern aeration.  This is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to fix many septic issues that causes failure. Air promotes good bacteria which grows 10 times faster than the bad bacteria. Converting to air treatment system will keep the majority of solids chewed up to where you are mostly passing water through your system.  Treating your septic system with air also helps put out cleaner water into the environment. Using additives to TRY and do this is not only expensive but it rarely ever actually works.

The pic shows aerator against foundation. Piping ran to septic, where diffuser bar is inserted for air. New risers shown also.



Sand and soil caps over leach field, along with seed and straw is done to prevent sewage surfacing due to a failing system. These do not 'fix' leach lines, but only help extend their life a bit longer. Unfortunately, once sewage surfaces, your system is  in its final years.  

The pic shows sand and soil cap before seed and straw.


Power-jetting leach lines

Over the years, as solids pass through your system, forming a bio-mat on the inside walls of your leach lines, (similar to concrete), preventing them from draining. Jetting your leach lines breaks up the hardened debris that has formed on the inner walls, unclogging and opening the drainage holes, allowing them to discharge better. 

Rejuvenate your leach field today!